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Why VisionWorks?

VisionWorks Engineering is a contract design and engineering service company. We help companies solve tough engineering problems, develop compelling products, and source manufacturing.


Decrease time

to market by using VisionWorks as your design and engineering department. We ramp up quickly and staff each project in order to accomodate even the most aggressive product development schedules.

Control R&D costs

by using our services on demand. Outsourcing allows our clients to convert fixed costs into variable costs.

Create impact

through innovative solutions. As we tackle problems in new ways, we often earn patents for our clients along the way. Innovative products that are well-designed and cost effective create a huge impact on our clients’ customers.

Increase quality

by engaging experts in your product and technology domain. Our engineers, on average, have over 20 years of experience in mechanical, electrical, electromechanical, and software engineering.


Engineering Services for Product Development

We offer mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, software engineering, test engineering, manufacturing, and industrial design services for our clients. Our contract engineering services are primarily geared for new product development.


Mechanical Engineering

We offer mechanical engineering services as part of the multi-discipline design and engineering method we apply to develop new products or make improvements on existing products.

Industrial Design

Our design integrated approach to product development ensures that the creative vision of our client is not compromised. Truly great products are a pleasure to own, are easy to operate, and help a company create meaningful and lasting relationships with consumers.

Electrical Engineering

Our team of electrical engineers are very experienced and capable analog and digital developers. We can offer our clients a wide range of electrical engineering product development services.


Software Engineering

Our software engineering services include the development of software and firmware used in electronic and electromechanical products as well as standalone applications.


Testing is an important function that we employ throughout various phases of the product design lifecycle. Our wide range of testing services include software testing, system testing, environmental chamber testing, life testing, and regulatory compliance testing.


We have extensive experience in manufacturing from low volume, high customization builds to high volume production on automated assembly lines.


Product Development

Not all product development is created equal. Which product development strategies we employ depends on the needs of our client, the nature of the product we are designing, and how new the technologies used in the product are.




As a product development company, we have put our design and engineering services to work for clients ranging from industry leaders to start-ups. We have extensive experience designing and engineering products in a wide range of industries, including:


Consumer Products

As a product development company, we have put our design and engineering services to work for consumer products companies – both start-up and industry leader alike – to bring exciting new products to the marketplace.


Our engineers have helped clients develop robust industrial products for internal use, design and engineer commercial products for business customers, and engineer industrial equipment such as kiosks to service new markets.


As a contract design and engineering services company, we work with clients to develop innovative, renewable, clean, and traditional power production and distribution systems.


Medical Products

VisionWorks Engineering provides medical device engineering services that meet US FDA and international regulatory bodies’ standards. We work with medical device start-ups and industry leaders alike in the development of new medical devices.


VisionWorks Engineering was founded to help a start-up motorcycle company develop its entire vehicle line-up. Over the years we have helped other automotive companies develop complete light-weight vehicles, automotive subsystems, individual automotive components, and tooling to produce sheet metal, composite, plastic, weldments, and investment cast parts for vehicles.


VisionWorks Engineering provides a wide range of design and engineering services for the military, defense contractors, Department of Defense prime contractors, and governmental agencies. Our background in vehicle design, robotics, industrial equipment, power generation, and motor control can be applied to all types of military equipment product development projects.


Our Portfolio

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Working with VisonWorks

VisionWorks Engineering is located in America’s finest city, San Diego, California. We help our high level clients solve a variety of exciting and diverse engineering problems in the fields of aerospace, turbomachinary, robotics, software and manufacturing.

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