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Helping our Clients Develop Amazing Products

Optical Lock Pic 1Congratulations to Carol Fuller, CEO at OpticalLock AND our awesome client,  on the release of their brand new product- a futuristic lock that utilizes fiber-optic technology and  secure, real-time wireless alerting!

OpticalLock, a local San Diego company, came to us looking for mechanical engineering design support for their great potential product. They had their electronics and proprietary software already developed in-house, but were looking for help to design an create the next level functional protoype. OpticalLock would use the prototype to demonstrate the product capability to potential customers and ramp up the company’s marketing activities.

We designed and build a great mechanical protoype for OpticalLock that got the company much closer to manufacturing and selling their product! OpticalLock is now getting ready to move forward with a Design for Manufacturing (DFM) exercise and then roll right into production.