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Our Client Aims to Save Lives

We are very proud of our client Kai Kloepfer who has just launched his Indiegogo campaign!

Kai aims to save lives with his smart gun invention and VisionWorks Engineering will be right there to support his product development, prototyping and DFM.  Our client has invented a safer gun that only the owner can use, preventing children, teens, and criminals from using it. His technology is a safety mechanism built into a normal handgun and works in conjunction with the other safeties on the gun. When you grip the gun normally it reads your fingerprint and compares it against a list of users that is stored inside the gun. If it matches, the gun is ready for fire, otherwise it is locked and secured. The only person that can access or modify the allowed users is the owner. They have full control to add/remove users or sell the gun.

Read more about Kai’s story and our contribution here: