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Engineering Services

VisionWorks Engineering offers mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, software engineering, test engineering, manufacturing, and industrial design services for our clients. Our contract engineering services are primarily geared for new product development.

From Vision to Product

We start with a Vision Workshop which entails a series of exercises to help generate a Product Vision Document (PVD). From there, we develop a Product Requirements Document (PRD) to fully capture required product functionality. Next, we generate and evaluate concepts to arrive at a basic architecture. Our detail design work is guided by the vision and requirements spelled out in the PVD and PRD. During and/or after the detail design phase, we make and test prototypes. Once the design is complete and approved, we move into the manufacturing phase. In order to ensure success, we:

Seek to understand our clients’ needs and wants.

Create and maintain a project schedule with concrete deliverables and realistic milestones.

Communicate design and schedule risks as they appear.

Report progress and solicit feedback regularly.

Mechanical Engineering

W e offer mechanical engineering services as part of the multi-discipline design and engineering method we apply to develop new products or make improvements on existing products. Our expert team of mechanical design engineers perform part component design, system level architecture development, analysis, modeling, protyping, and testing.

We have experience in mechanical design contract engineering in a wide range of industries including consumer products, industrial equipment, commercial products, medical devices, kiosks, automotive products, military equipment, and renewable energy systems.

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Industrial Design

Our design integrated approach to product development ensures that the creative vision of our client is not compromised. Truly great products are a pleasure to own, are easy to operate, and help a company create meaningful and lasting relationships with consumers.

Industrial design and human factors analysis are a key part of our product development process that help to deliver aesthetic appeal, good feel, smart user ergonomics, powerful brand identity, and ease of operation. Our engineers work hand -in-hand with our industrial designers to incorporate these important objectives.

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Electrical Engineering

Our team of electrical engineers are very experienced and capable analog and digital developers. We can offer our clients a wide range of electrical engineering product development services. Using state of the art circuit board prototyping techniques, our electronic hardware systems engineers work fast and get your concept to market quickly.

We can take your concept through the entire product development process. Once a detailed specification has been created by carefully analyzing your vision/requirements, our electrical engineers do detail design, select components, and then build and test to ensure the electronic design meets all of the regulations and other requirements dictated by the environment the product is being used in. We have experience in developing electronic hardware for consumer products, medical devices, industrial equipment, and the military.

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Software Engineering

Our software engineering services include the development of software and firmware used in electronic and electromechanical products as well as standalone applications.

VisionWorks Engineering software development engineers have a broad range of experience in application development, embedded software/firmware, control systems, Graphic User Interfaces (GUI’s), web application programming, and database programming.

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Testing is an important function that we employ throughout various phases of the product design lifecycle. Our wide range of testing services include software testing, system testing, environmental chamber testing, life testing, and regulatory compliance testing.

Our test engineers help ensure quality, reliability, and conformance to applicable regulatory standards for new and existing products. After developing a test plan and procedure, the testing is performed, data recorded and analyzed, and a test report is generated. As part of the product development process, the findings from testing guide our design and engineering efforts and help to make critical decisions.


We have extensive experience in manufacturing from low volume, high customization builds to high volume production on automated assembly lines. We assist our clients develop manufacturing processes, production layouts, and quality systems, and source domestic and off-shore manufacturing.

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Additional Services


We can offer prototyping as a part of a product development exercise or as a stand-alone service. Prototypes are typically made for proof of concept, subsystem and system testing, market tests, and ergonomic studies.



Electromechanical Engineering

We specialize in developing electromechanical products for our clients. By putting small teams of cross-discipline designers and engineers together, we can create electrically activated, software driven mechanical devices that range from simple to complex.



Value Engineering

We take our clients’ existing products and help them increase the function to cost ratio by helping them source lower cost manufacturing, improving manufacturing processes, and/or redesigning the product. We take a close look at the product design and go through a design for cost, manufacturing, reliability, and/or maintainability exercise.



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