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Industries that we Serve

As a product development company, we have put our design and engineering services to work for clients ranging from industry leaders to start-ups.

Consumer Products

As a product development company, we have put our design and engineering services to work for consumer products companies – both start-up and industry leader alike – to bring exciting new products to the marketplace.

Consumer products companies have an incredible opportunity and serious challenges in the coming years.

“In the midst of explosive population growth, increased urbanization, an evolving, demanding customer base… the Consumer Products industry faces shifting market dynamics, channel challenges and renewed pressures for…innovation”

– Guy Blissett, et. al in “The future of the Consumer Products industry – The end of the world…or a world of opportunity?”

VisionWorks Engineering is positioned to help you meet these challenges head on. Our multi-discipline engineering team approach ensures quick time to market and truly compelling products that delight consumers.

We can help you through any or all phases of the product development process. Starting with your vision, we develop product requirements, generate multiple concepts to meet those specifications, arrive at an architecture, complete detailed designs, build and test prototypes, and start the manufacturing phase.

We have extensive experience designing and engineering consumer products in a wide range of categories, including:

  • Consumer electronics
  • Small appliances
  • Wireless consumer electronics
  • Electronic toys
  • PC peripheral consumer products
  • Jewelry
  • Audio equipment
  • Printers
  • Home automation
  • Disposable consumer medical products


Our engineers have helped clients develop robust industrial products for internal use, design and engineer commercial products for business customers, and engineer industrial equipment such as kiosks to service new markets.
In the fast-moving world of global business, our clients require a quick return on their development investments.

By bringing multi-discipline engineering teams together to design and engineer industrial equipment and commercial products, we are able to help our clients manufacture their products more efficiently, provide cost effective products to their business customers, and move quickly to take advantage of market opportunities.

Our experience designing and engineering industrial and commercial products include:

  • Factory automation
  • Test equipment and fixtures
  • Robotics
  • Commercial products
  • Capital equipment
  • Kiosks


As a contract design and engineering services company, we work with clients to develop innovative, renewable, clean, and traditional power production and distribution systems. We have worked with the Department of Energy, start-ups, and industrial companies to help them solve tough engineering problems, develop new technologies, and produce new energy related products.

The demand for additional traditional, clean, and renewable energy sources has never been higher. As traditional energy sources become more expensive and scarce and the necessity for cleaner energy production increases, energy, manufacturing, and industrial companies need to capitalize on emerging technologies and novel approaches to solve current and future energy problems.

Leveraging our multi-discipline engineering capability and experience, we enable energy related companies to develop new and/or re-engineered energy products and systems and introduce them into the market at a considerable advantage over competitors. We can help you at any point or through the entire product lifecycle from concept generation to manufacturing.

We have experience developing a diverse set of energy related products and technologies including:

  • Wave power energy system
  • Linear induction generator
  • Solar panel installation system
  • Wind loading analysis on solar panels
  • Battery storage system
  • Geothermal sensors

Medical Products

VisionWorks Engineering provides medical device engineering services that meet US FDA and international regulatory bodies’ standards. We work with medical device start-ups and industry leaders alike in the development of new medical devices.

Medical device companies can leverage our expertise in bringing new medical devices to the market at any stage in the product development process. We have helped our clients as they go through concept development, detail design, prototyping, testing, clinical trials, premarket approval, and final FDA approval for their new medical device products.

Our medical device engineering experience covers a wide range of products. A few examples of the medical products we have helped to develop and bring to market include:

  • Portable HIV test system
  • Battery operated centrifuge
  • Disposable gauze applicator
  • Opthalmic surgical system components


VisionWorks Engineering was founded to help a start-up motorcycle company develop its entire vehicle line-up. Over the years we have helped other automotive companies develop complete light-weight vehicles, automotive subsystems, individual automotive components, and tooling to produce sheet metal, composite, plastic, weldments, and investment cast parts for vehicles.

In the automotive sector, factors such as the rising costs of fossil fuels, shifting regulatory environment, economic upheaval, government programs, emerging economies, and changing consumer behavior is driving product and engineering decisions.

Our extensive automotive product engineering experience uniquely positions us to help our clients develop fuel efficient, cost effective, and safe vehicles and automotive components.

Our experience designing and engineering automotive products include:

  • Suspension components
  • Motorcycle frames
  • Light vehicle chassis
  • Steering systems
  • Fuel tanks
  • Transmissions
  • Power train components
  • Hybrid power train


VisionWorks Engineering provides a wide range of design and engineering services for the military, defense contractors, Department of Defense prime contractors, and governmental agencies. Our background in vehicle design, robotics, industrial equipment, power generation, and motor control can be applied to all types of military equipment product development projects.


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